Monday, March 26, 2012

Purely Decorative by Angelina Cabo @purelyangelina

Purely Decorative

What if your Prince Charming turns out to be the Prince of Darkness?

It's the Eighties. Everyone in London's guzzling champagne by the bucketload, snorting mountains of coke and shagging like there's no tomorrow. But for twenty-something Zoe Burns, the party's over... even though she daren't admit it. The bills are piling up, the hangovers are getting worse and the one night stands no longer do it for her.

So when she's offered a gig as an escort to a South American millionaire while he's on "business" in Barcelona, she thinks, "what the hell?"...

But life with Raoul is not all champagne and roses. Raoul's an unreconstructed chauvinist, a macho bully, and a voyeur. But none of these things are the problem.

The problem is, Zoe should run a mile. But she can't. Mesmerised by the seductive Raoul and the high life he's introduced her to, she finds herself falling for him.

By the time Zoe discovers the true nature of Raoul's "business", it's all too late. Little by little, Zoe is drawn into an underworld of
crime, drugs and sexual obsession, a world where the most dangerous addiction of all may be to love itself.

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