Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Marcella Fragment by Anna LaForge @AnnaLaForge

The Marcella Fragment (Maze)

On an empty planet, a city called Pelion is built by former dwellers of Old Earth. Centuries later, the Council of Pelion -- influenced by the prophetic Marcella Fragment -- asks citizens to begin construction of a maze that will be inhabited by ernani (lost souls) brought from the corners of the known world to walk the Path of Preparation.

Two ernani who walk that Path are Tyre of Lapith and Kara of Pelion, a chieftain's son and an apprentice musician. This pair, as unknown to themselves as they are to each other, face trials that test their physical, emotional and moral courage.

In the tradition of fine visionary novels, The Marcella Fragment takes the reader into a world both familiar and strange, peopled by warriors, artisans, healers and slaves, incorporating science fiction, fantasy, myth, and romance.
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