Sunday, March 25, 2012

Leiyatel's Embrace by Clive S. Johnson @Clive_SJohnson

Leiyatel's Embrace

A finely wrought and exquisitely detailed Speculative Fiction Mystery set at the end of a castle kingdom's epoch long history. The arrival of a strange army at the gates marks the end of an era and the unravelling of a mystery. At its heart is Leiyatel – the Living Green Stone Tree - long the preserver of the realm of Dica. What is to be her fate and those who depend upon her?

A highly original and intricately imagined world, the ancient castle kingdom of Dica has slowly declined to a somnolent shadow of its illustrious past but changes are in the wind, heralded by the sudden arrival of a mysterious army.

A complex tale unfolds as Lord Nephril, Dica’s Master of Ceremonies, and his oddly assorted companions strive to uncover not only who is then arrayed at their gates, but how their realm might be restored. What comes to light is a multi-layered fabric of interwoven interests and conflicts, an absorbing rebirth of ancient myth and legend, as alive and immediate now as in its dim and distant past.

At its heart is Leiyatel – the Living Green Stone Tree – preserver of the realm’s fortune and wondrous creation of the ancient Engers of Bazarral. What is to be her own fortune, though, and in whose hands will it finally rest? How will the disparate interests of Dican royalty, of Galgaverre’s Guardian, of the ancient Bazarran Stewards and of Leiyatel herself play out within Nature’s own domain?

The story culminates in a fascinating climax and deeply satisfying conclusion that will particularly appeal to those who like a rich and involving read.

Readers who enjoy this story may like to know that the author’s next work is coming soon. ‘Of Weft and Weave’ is equally original, set in the same world and, strangely enough, at the same time and with most of the same characters.

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