Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In The Shadow of Death by Jeremy Bowen‏ @JeremyPBowen

In The Shadow of Death (Shadow Series)

"He sat on the cliff edge and watched the water smash against the rocks many metres below. It was alive; the sea, continuously pounding like a life giving heart, breaking into huge plumes of spray which erupted between the rocks. Each beat threw up a light mist to dance with the sunbeams and create, in one glorious place, a faint rainbow.

As he sat, he wept. He did not weep for lost love. Nor did he weep for the toils and pains of the life which showed in the creases of his leathered face. Nor indeed did he weep for his loneliness, as intense as it was, or for absent family or friends, or those missing smiles and comforts that loved ones brought. He did not weep for any of those things."

A man with nothing. In a place that is not his own. Thrown into a world of violence and death, desperate to clear the shadows from his memories and remember who he is. Then comes a stranger, but she is not like the others. She promises him the truth, and as the shocking secrets of his past start to unwind he returns to where it all began, a place where he played God. Here, the full horror of what he did is revealed.

This is the first book in the Shadow series.

A great value read at over 100,000 words. Please follow the author on Twitter, he loves to interact and will always reply. @JeremyPBowen

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