Friday, March 23, 2012

THE GREATEST short STORY [ies] [I've] EVER TOLD by Jay Squires @jay_squires


DARK REFLECTIONS: Lena loves Robin in that special way a mother loves her child. Only, Robin is her husband! Lena also has feelings for Maretta, who happens to be Robins's sister and the matchmaker who brought them together. Maretta seems to feel the same. But how could anything come of it ... at least while Robin's dying?

WHAT A HUNDRED'LL Do: Are these the rants, ramblings and actions of a demented man? Or are they the net result of love carrying him as far as it can go?

KEEPING SCORE: Competition means nothing unless a score is kept -- even when the competitors are 100-plus years-old! On this field the battle can be brutal. Ask 114 year-old Graham Murdoch, listed as the oldest person in the U.S. (but only 3rd on the world-scale)! Or ask his ruthless opponent, in the other corner (so to speak!) at 113, Foster Carmichael. Foster Carmichael craves to be number one. Need more be said?

BENT: Is Johnny Dead or Alive? He was sure he knew once. Or is Johnny merely dreaming he is dead or alive? There have been some bizarre cognitive encounters. He may have been part of them. Perhaps his shrink knows. Unless he is a shard from his shrink's shattered delusions. Why aren't things as simple as when he was a child? At times he remembers his childhood.
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