Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elixir of Death by Paul Dyer ‏ @Electroglyde

Elixir of Death

“Elixir is a place,” Laura murmured, “of unspeakable joy and unspeakable evil, and the journeys we can’t avoid taking between them.”
Highschool English teacher Darin Hartley becomes fascinated with one of his students, Laura Whitcomb, a girl with a tragic and violent past. When he agrees to read the first chapter of a novel she’s written, he doesn’t realize those few pages will introduce him to the nightmarish town of Elixir, a place certain government agents don’t want him asking any questions about. Yet even if Elixir is no longer on any conventional map, Darin has to find and enter it, because it holds the secret to the restoration of his sanity and happiness.

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