Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dark Entity by Emma Byford ‏ @thefusionseries

Dark Entity (The Fusion Series Short Stories)

Years ago, under the illusion that a demon could be bargained with, a man begged for the creature not to kill his daughter. He instead exclaimed that he would bring a sacrifice, a chosen individual every three months to where the creature resided.

Pleased with this offer, the demon agreed and waited for the sacrifice. Unbeknown to the demon the Chosen, as they were referred to, were laced with a powerful sedative to lull it to sleep. Sure enough the creature was never awake long enough to terrorise Fourhe and each successive Chosen lulled it back to sleep.

It was a dangerous game, one which seemed to have paid off for some time. The town was content that the demon was contained and that the cycle could never be broken. That is, until the ambitions of a High Priestess began to disrupt this delicate stability.

This is where we begin our tale.

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