Thursday, March 1, 2012

Atlas by Benjamin R. Smith ‏ @B3N_R_5mith

Atlas: A Novel

Phillip Doe is head of ASM, the privatized security and government body responsible for maintaining law and order in the exclusive covenant community known as Atlantis. By 2066, the classes have split. U.S. cities have become centers of violence and poverty while suburban communities have become encapsulated paradises for the rich and powerful.

When a violent double-homicide claims the lives of both a prominent ASM Scientist and her San Francisco Public Prosecutor Paramour, Doe finds himself implicated in the crimes and under suspicion for murder. SFPD Inspector Victoria Rhodes finds herself assigned as liaison to the ASM investigation, suddenly delving deep into the mysterious origins of the man the International eMedia are fond of calling Atlas, discovering a violent past eerily similar to her own.

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