Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Things You Need Say in Your Book Trailer

I've seen a few book trailers since starting this blog. Surprisingly not many on this blog. I've seen them just about everywhere else: Youtube, Goodreads, author websites, trailer websites. There is a huge curve as far quality. I've found some trailers that are extremely well produced and others not so much. But even the videos of the lowest quality got the job done. They told me what I wanted to know.

1) Who wrote it.
2) What's it about. (genre, synopsis)
3) Where can I buy it.
4) Why should I care. (what are other people saying about it)
5) How can I find out more. (websites)

The trailer doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and made by a film school graduate. It helps, but it doesn't have to be. Just take care in producing it. Please let it look like you care and you spent some time doing it. It you can make a PPt presentation, I would say you are half way there. Yes, it's a different kind of software but the general idea is the same. I would recommend using your book cover as a template for the whole production. You really want readers to associate that video with your book. 

I put this one together as a case in point. I have some experience, so it wasn't that hard for me. But it gives you the general idea of what I'm trying to say. Just jump in there and go for it and if you can't do it yourself, then find someone who can. There are companies that specialize in book trailers and there are websites that will help you build one from scratch.

The best part is the software you need is probably already on your computer and the Internet is filled with free media to help build your book trailer. Just check to be sure it is royalty free or is a creative commons attribution share alike license to be safe.

I hope you dig in there and go for it. If you already have a trailer, please post a link to it in the comments. If you need some help, contact me at thedigitalinkspot {at} gmail {dot} com.