Friday, February 10, 2012

A Shadow Passed Over the Son by Ryan Schneider @RyanLSchneider

A Shadow Passed Over the Son by Ryan Schneider

The first installment in the epic urban fantasy adventure series THE GO-KIDS, involving young protagonists dealing with universal themes of growing up, friendship, and loss of innocence, themes of children coming of age in an age of war. Ride along during the ongoing adventures of Parker, Sunny, Bubba, Igby, and Colby, characters readers will come to know and love.

Kingdom City, New York. 2047. On the eve of his 13th birthday, Parker Perkins stands in the corner of his bedroom, his back against the wall. Constant, terrifying nightmares plague his sleep and he stares at his bed, exhausted, almost delirious, yet afraid to crawl under the covers. The brilliant lights of Kingdom City’s skyline glow on the other side of the glass wall of Parker’s bedroom on the 140th floor of Sky City South. It has been a trying day and Parker is desperate to sleep. His dad is coming home on leave from the war tomorrow. It is Parker’s ultimate birthday present and he wants to look rested, so his dad won’t worry about him. Parker has only memories and 3-D lasergraphs to remind him of his mother, killed in The Attack three years ago, just before his dad quit his job and joined the Special Forces. In the morning, Parker will enjoy a buffet breakfast with his best friend Bubba Black, perhaps receive a Happy Birthday greeting from Sunny Harper, with whom Parker has shared many tender moments in anticipation of their first kiss. Parker will then go with his dad to Sky City Hobbies and Toys, where he will get in line with the thousands of other kids eagerly waiting to meet their heroes Colby Max and Igby Fry, stars of the smash-hit Go-Boy feature films. Colby and Igby are even bringing their Go-Boy Battle-Suits. Parker yearns to get up close to a Battle-Suit. Though he likes Colby Max and Igby Fry and loves their movies, it is the Battle-Suit he most adores. In the morning, on his way out the door, Parker literally bumps into a man in a menacing uniform. He knows instantly his birthday is not going to go as planned.

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