Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Girlz of Galstanberry by Garen Wolff @GalstanberryFan

The Girlz of Galstanberry
Galstanberry Girls Academy, flanked by a magnificent rose garden and horse stables, rises up from the horizon like a French ch√Ęteau with interconnected balustrades and high-spiraling turrets that seemed to touch the clouds. It was established in 1937 by Mr. Charles Jefferson Galstanberry, an earnest gentelman that believed a male to be the only proper heir to his vast family fortune. However, when devastation befalls Mr. Galstanberry's family, he is challenged to re-evaluate his beliefs and create a course that would change his life, and those of others, forever. Decades later, Galstanberry has become the envy of girls around the world. And in one transformative year, five dynamic girls from different cities, socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities receive the coveted Galstanberry acceptance letter. On one unforgettable day-- Sunday, August 29--these five girls leave lasting impressions on family and friends before departing for Connecticut to attend Galstanberry's Orientation on Monday.

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