Saturday, February 18, 2012

City of Hell Chronicles: Volume 1 by @thecityofhell

City of Hell Chronicles: Volume 1

Victoria Griesdoorn
, Belinda Frisch , Colin F. Barnes , Ren Warom , Anne Michaud , Amy L. Overley , Kendall Grey

There is no god, no saviour.

Mankind is without salvation and on the cusp of total annihilation.

During an eruption at Yellowstone, the Great Maurr, an ancient god, rose from the bowels of the earth and brought a bug apocalypse with him.

Swarms of giant ants, centipedes and diabolical hybrids swept the planet consuming the animal kingdom and destroying human civilisation in a matter of weeks. Nothing could stop their relentless genocide.

Just a few cities remain; a handful of human survivors in London, Moscow and Hong Kong scuttle about in the darkness forever fearful of being caught, eaten by the solider ants, or worse: made to breed in the City of Hell to produce hideous hybrid creatures.

Can these last remaining humans find a way of surviving and ultimately fight back in this nightmarish dystopia?

Combining the other-worldly weirdness of H.P. Lovecraft and the frightening imagery of Clive Barker, this anthology is brought to you buy 7 international writers from the UK, Canada and USA as they chronicle the horrifying consequences of a new world bug order.

Dare you enter the City of Hell?
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