Saturday, February 4, 2012

Born of Evil by Lee Reynoldson @LeeReynoldson

Born of Evil by Lee Reynoldson
A Dark Fantasy tale in the traditional Swords & Sorcery style. Once Finnon was a lord, a lord with warriors, a wife, a son, but Jarl Karstak took everything he loved. Now all he has left is the love of the Only God, an iron will, and a fearful talent for slaughter. One sword against Karstak and his thousand riders, Finnon’s only hope of vengeance is to lead his foes deep into the ice wastes and let cold and attrition do the work his single sword cannot. When he himself is overcome by the cold only the intervention of mysterious Ísascynn, the Ice People, saves him. But the Ísascynn are plagued by an enemy of their own, and enemy far more fearful than Karstak and his thousand riders, a monstrous creature created for destruction and born of evil. A creature the Ísascynn claim Finnon is destined to slay.
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