Saturday, January 7, 2012

*prime* Social Media on Autopilot by Lynn Serafinn @LynnSerafinn

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Ever feel overwhelmed by social media? Have you heard that about automation software for Twitter, Facebook, etc., but you didn't know which ones were best, where to find them, to how to use them? In this detailed report, Lynn Serafinn, who has helped dozens of authors and online business owners reach the top of their field through social media, shares her detailed expertise and honest insights into the good, the bad, and the ugly of five of today's most popular social media applications: Ping, TweetDeck, Twaitter, HootSuite and Tweet Adder. Each product is evaluated on virtually every feature it offers, and ranked in terms of its usefulness, reliability, automation capabilities, interaction capability and mobility.
Accessible reading even for the "newbie", this report and help you find out how the pros use Twitter, Facebook and other social networks without selling their souls or spending every waking hour at their computer. At the end of this report from number-1 bestselling author, online marketer and social media expert, Lynn Serafinn, you will also find some useful bonus materials covering options for integrating your media, and some ideas for using social media apps on your mobile phone.