Monday, January 23, 2012

One for the Road by Liv James @LivJamesBooks

Suzanne is a professional photographer who spends more time on assignment than with her two children. When her husband, Paul, is killed after he drops her off at the airport, she is forced to make some major changes. She cashes in on the equity in their house and buys a small farm several states away, in a small town called Cobalt Mills.

As Suzanne struggles to start a vineyard on the abandoned farm, she draws a new route for her life, connecting with her kids, growing closer to her older sister and even becoming a part of the town.

But not everyone is pleased with Suzanne's new life, especially the owners of a large vineyard up the road. When strange things begin to happen to her family and on the farm, Suzanne realizes not everything is as peaceful as it seems in Cobalt Mills.

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