Saturday, January 7, 2012

*prime* Nebulous by Keith Weaver @drmweave2501

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Ty got to his room just in time to see a dark, shadowy figure take his brother out the window. He chases them into the backyard and follows into a bright light. He wakes up in a strange land with no knowledge of where he is, only the inclination that he has to save his little brother.

From there, Ty embarks on a dangerious quest to the castle of the evil Queen Joro, who has his brother. Along the way, he comes across many wondrous creatures, dangerous obstacles and other nefarious characters. In a race against time, Ty fights his way through Nebulous to rescue his brother before the dreaded moon ceremony.

Come along on this magical journey of a boy's rise up against evil and his own self doubts. It's a tale of the true spirit of a person, and the love of two brothers that can't be broken under any circumstances. Nebulous will tug at all of your emotions, while challenging your imagination!