Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My feelings on Interviews

I was poking around the Internet when I came a across a web site very similar to mine. The showcased books and their authors and posted interviews. The big giant difference is they were charging to do interviews. And they weren't even interviews. They were canned questions that all authors answered with the option to add what ever they wanted to ask themselves. I mean really. Not only is the author doing all the work but they have to pay to do it. That's just crazy. There are a ton of review blogs out there who would love to interview authors. None come to mind right now but I am sure there are. They don't charge I am sure. It just goes against journalistic integrity to charge and I know a little something, something about journalism. Mainly photojournalism but still. I think it's wrong.
I just want to make it clear that The Digital Ink Spot will never charge or any of its services. What are those services you ask? (this is the part where you ask out loud what re my services and you cat looks at you like you are crazy) Well, I am glad you asked and your cat is right about you.
The Digital Ink Spot offers free interview opportunities, reviews, links to your work, Posts about your books you are offering for free or nearly free, because in my mind Prime doesn't really count because you are only borrowing.
It's not a lot but heck look at the price tag and I'm the one doing the work not you. You shouldn't be spending your time promoting. You should be writing and I can help you there as much as I can.

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