Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living With the Dead: Year One by Joshua Guess @JoshuaGuess

Living With the Dead is a serialized story of everyday life at the beginning of and during the zombie apocalypse. Its original format was and is an almost daily blog.

Told in the author's own voice, LWtD is the story of a group of survivors in central Kentucky, working to stay alive amid the violence and chaos of a crumbling civilization. Faced with threats and challenges that tax their endurance and force them to make terrible choices, the story follows the survivors day to day.

From the viewpoint of one man and his friends, the answer to the question of what people will become when the rules no longer apply begins to emerge. For some, it is violent conflict.

For others who only want to live in peace, this is a journey toward understanding that in a world of the dead, the only choice is to truly live.

[Additional posts by Patrick Rooney, Courtney Hahn, Treesong, and Aaron Moreland]

Contains Bonus Materials!
*A word from the author on the inspiration for the blog
*"Rollin' in the Deep", A short story by Annetta Ribken
*"If you're bitten by zombies, you're off the guest list" by Rachel Ayers
*"Monsters Unmasked: A Living With the Dead Novella" by Lori Whitwam
*Plus three short stories by the author

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