Monday, January 9, 2012

FreeFormed Humans by Joe Vizanko @JoeVizanko

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The only way to save humanity is to expose it. Earth must learn of its role in the larger human community. Contact with Earth has to be made. The ruling council on the human homeworlds is confronted. The homeworlds are in decline, completely dependent on machines and overrun by excesses of sex and drug use, people on the homeworlds no longer have any drive for life or the desire to better themselves. The people of Earth are “freeformed humans”, their emotional center is allowed to freely form. The people of the homeworlds have their emotions dampened, because emotions are feared. Dampening the emotions has caused that society to stagnate and eventually they will die. An old enemy emerges and humanity’s creators are discovered. Could this be the end or a new beginning?

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