Sunday, January 15, 2012

Candlewood Lake by Penny Sansevieri @Bookgal

Sometimes the most important moments are those that never happen.

It was the fall of 1971 when Eve’s family moved to Candlewood Lake. There she finds an unexpected friendship in Billy and Justin. While the war in Vietnam rages on, this peaceful Connecticut town sets the scene for three friends whose bond will not be broken—until a force none of them expected rips them apart. One of these men will become her husband, but will she choose wisely?

Billy is the best-looking kid in town. He has everything a kid could want: looks, friends, and a promising football career. But Billy also has a dark secret, one that will destroy his friendship and his entire family.

Justin is smart, a little too smart; his friendship with Billy makes him cool and saves him from being labeled a nerd. But Justin also harbors a secret; he knew he loved Eve from the moment he laid eyes on her. Will he get the girl of his dreams or will loyalty allow his best friend to steal his one-true love?

Candlewood Lake is a coming-of-age story that will inspire you, break your heart, and remind you of the innocence of first love and the lessons that shape our lives. It’s a powerful and lusty tribute to life, love, and the tragedies that make us stronger.

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