Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful: An Urban Fantasy by Joshua Guess @JoshuaGuess

Hi. I'm Dan. I'm all snarky and stuff.
I've always thought life was exactly what it appeared to be. Normal. Routine. Dull.
I've worked to get by, paid my bills, and made sure the mortgage was (usually) in on time. That's how I've lived from day to day, enjoying the small wonders in life and being happy with what I had.
Until one winter night when the universe pointed a finger at me and laughed at my stupidity.
Without word or warning I found myself in the middle of a struggle older than human civilization between warring factions of vampires. At every turn I discovered new horizons, both horrific and lovely.
A hidden world opened up in front of me, full of magic and mayhem, vampires, faeries, dragons, even unicorns. UNICORNS.
I know, right?
Uh, anyway...
I've chronicled the struggle to save my friends, family, loved ones, and maybe even myself. It's a tale full of comedy and fear, adventure and sex.
Like life itself, every moment has the potential to be beautiful.

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